Twilight Teeth

Get a Brighter Smile While You Tan!

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Love the way your teeth appear to brighten up after you come in for a tan? Enhance the whitening effect of a golden tan by actually whitening your teeth. Extreme Sun Capsule offers the original “Whiten While You Tan” Twilight Teeth system at our facility. This patented UV teeth whitening system is a simple and cost-effective way to improve your appearance. Our staff can turn any tanning bed into a teeth-whitening machine thanks to this no-mess product!

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Hassle-free teeth whitening services

It’s hard to find time in your busy schedule to visit the tanning salon, much less to go to a cosmetic dentistry office for teeth whitening.

Combine the two sessions by coming to Extreme Sun Capsule. We can help you knock two items off your to-do list with our Twilight Teeth system. This UV teeth whitening formula works to brighten up your teeth as you tan. The UV rays from the tanning bed will activate the application and give you whiter teeth in no time!

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