Is there any guarantee I will tan?

Yes, we guarantee that you will tan.  The depth of tan you receive is dependent on your skin type.

How long does a session last?

The length of your tanning session depends on your skin type.  People with fair complexions are required to use less time initially and slowly work up to the maximum exposure time allowed by law.

Can UV light pass through the protective layers of skin and affect internal organs

UV light has the ability to penetrate the dermis and the epidermis skin layers, down to the skin’s subcutaneous layer.  UV light cannot penetrate any further, therefore internal organs cannot be affected.

How often can I use the machine?

You can come once per day.

Do I need to use tanning lotions or moisturizers?

Yes, studies have proven that using indoor tanning lotions will increase your results up to 67%.  Outdoor products act as a sun block and are strictly prohibited.

Will my skin age faster?

Unlike the sun, the harmful rays that cause elastosis are not present in the indoor tanning systems.  Further, the use of our high quality tanning and moisturizing lotions can reduce fine line and wrinkle depths by 64%.

Should I wear eye protection?

Yes, Eye Protection id F.D.A. is required and by New York State law we are required to ask you to see them at EVERY tanning session.

How soon will I see results?

Normally a person will begin to see results after the second visit.  Results will appear quickly after that.